Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Do It Myself

You've seen the commercial about the man-cold? That kind of sums up what most men are like when they get sick. Pitiful, clingy, whiny... worse than children. But my hubby is special. Different. He's totally awesome.

When he was confined to bed, he was content to just talk and sleep. When he was allowed short walks, he reveled in them and was just grateful for my company. When he was allowed to go home, he was careful not to become a burden. When he was allowed to go back to work, he was patient with the women in the office who watched him as closely as I did.

But being 'allowed' to do things is tough for the guy who took care of everything and everyone. As the pain subsides and he gets stronger, his patience wears thin. This week he's been grumbling about 'women always telling him what he can't do'.

When I say his recovery is like me keeping up with a toddler, I don't mean the obnoxious demanding type, but rather the head-strong over-confident type. Ya know - the ones you have to watch 24/7 because they think they can do everything by themselves? Yep, that's my man.

Concussions suck. Though his physical strength has returned, his mental strength lags behind. So the body must wait for the mind to catch up. While the nausea and dizziness begin to subside, he chafes at his limitations. No horseplay with the kids. No driving. No physical exertion. No lifting anything over 5 lbs. He's so pitiful.

So we women watch. And caution him against doing too much too soon. We hover, and protect him from external stress. And after 3 weeks, we drive him crazy.


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  1. I think my husband is very similar. Definitely head strong and over confident. Hopefully, he's back to normal soon.