Friday, January 21, 2011

Low-Sugar Yogurt - Dream or Reality?

I have a confession... One too many pieces of cake is to blame for my silence. The cupcakes you know about. But then there was this birthday cake for hubby: a smashing success of Red Velvet. And well, me and that cake got along great; too great. So great, in fact, I've had to straighten up and behave myself just so my jeans will be nice to me again. Which is sooo hard when the snack machine calls my name while I'm at work, or the guys clamber for a Key Lime Pie. (But I did great with the pie. You'd be proud. The snack machine - well...I'm working on it.)

So in the spirit of being good, I'm joining the ranks of the New Year Resolutionists and declaring that I will, hence forth, exercise my Will Power in the presence of cake. And chocolate. And pie. Therefore, I've turned my attentions to yogurt.

But do you know how much sugar is in those little cups???!! Anywhere from 25 to 40 grams of the stuff! Crikeys man. I could just go and gorge myself on a whole package of Hostess cupcakes for that, and get my chocolate/carb fix to boot. But I'm supposed to be being good. So I began scheming. And browsing. And thinking. I made it home from the grocery store with this loot to experiment with: Dannon Plain Natural Yogurt (6g sugar), Polaner spreadable fruit (6g sugar), and some Grape Nuts (3g sugar).

Polaner Pol Strawberry Fruit Spread 10 10 OZ (Pack of 12)The next morning, I just put a Tbs dollop of jam in the bottom of my bowl, added 1/2c yogurt, poured about 1/4c Grape Nuts over the top, and viola! I have my own Fruit On The Bottom Yogurt for less than 15g of sugar. Sounds good, huh? I'd show you a picture of the concoction, except I ate it. And then the kids demolished the rest of the yogurt. So, we'll just have to make do with a picture of the jam.

What do ya think? Is that Low-Sugar Yogurt a tasty reality?


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  1. Can't eat yogurt, hate Grape Nuts, but I absolutely LOVE Polaners on a piece of buttered toast !