Friday, September 17, 2010

Now Serving: No Dessert

Instead, I served up Finals with a dash of Sick Mama.

Finals... Ugg. It's not so much taking the test that is stressful, rather, it's the preceding week of studying that drives me up a wall. Do I have it down? Do I really know this? Must I read that for the thousandth time? To cram or not to cram? That is the question.

Case in point: I'm taking a remedial algebra course. Now, I never claimed to be on good terms with Algebra. We've had issues ever since high school. Yeah, we go waaay back. Anyway, my bruised ego aside, I've been taking this class, doing my homework, taking tests (all the normal requirements), but then I've been going over the units with my 17 yr old as a refresher before he takes the PSAT. This means I've spent an extra 10 hours/week on this class above the recommended requirements. So, I ask myself, just how much more studying can I really do??? If I ain't got it now, I ain't ever gonna get it. Nope, won't study extra for it.

The night before the final, I realize I'm getting sick. Pain, exhaustion, a possible trip to the Dr... that's just the ticket. Murphy loves me, ya know? Trooper that I am, I'd scheduled all my finals for one day. Saving fuel, never minding the stress hormones. So on we march, showing up at 8 am after a restless night. Digging in the book bag, I realize I've left the calculator at home.

Now, what kind of doofus shows up for an Algebra test without a calculator?? Yeah, me. While I squirm with pain and make the effort to raise my sleepy lids, it dawns on me - I've got to make my brain work twice as hard. And I didn't practice doing these calculation without the calculator. In my mind's eye, I see my teacher at the board, bragging about her days in school when they didn't allow calculators. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Time to call in all the reserve brain cells.

Consequently, my guys didn't get any sweets this week. Poor fellows. I'll have to come up with something good for this weekend. Any suggestions?


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