Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mom: The Problem Solver

Some days, it seems like my teenagers only think of me when they want cookies. Or cake. Or maybe brownies. *sigh* Or they just want to know when dinner will be ready. 

Oh, there are times when one of the kids will walk in and say Hi mom, how are you? It's rare, but yes, it does happen. I usually look like death warmed over and it's that time of the month, but yes, it does happen. Honestly, I know they care about me beyond what I make the oven cough up. It's just hard to see it when requests for dessert and food outweigh any real conversation. 

Then there are days like today.

"Hey Mom... I've got a problem" as he walks in the room.
I look up from the desk. "Yeah?" 
"I've got this pain in my hip... it started when I took off running yesterday, and it hurts every time I put my whole weight on it. Do you know what it could be?"

Just when I was wallowing in irritation over only being valued for the food I create, I find I'm also valued for what I can fix. Go figure.


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