Monday, September 27, 2010

Cookie Granola

Remember when the kid took matters into his own hands and had cookies for breakfast? Well, I got to thinking about the recipe, what was in it and how I'd made it... and well, it seemed somewhat similar to granola. That might be a little far-fetched, but it's the path my brain took anyway.

It happened like this. The kid's wanted cookies again. And we were craving something different for breakfast, sooo... I thought, why not?  Yeah, okay. No wonder the kid ate cookies for breakfast. He came by it honest, no matter how hard I try to play the good mother.

Anyway, traditional granola starts with liquid. Fats and sweets. Any combo of oil, peanut butter, brown sugar, honey, etc, all melted together and gooey. But, the cookie starts as creamed fats and sweets; no melting. That's okay though. I was willing to roll with the differences. I did drop some of the sugar and replace half of the rest with honey. After all, we are talking breakfast here.

Granola doesn't normally contain egg. Sometimes it has vanilla, but that's just personal preference. Hmmm... it was really looking so non-granola at this point. Very cookiesh, rather.

And here's where I made the ultimate switch from cookie to granola. I replaced half the flour with more oats, on top of the 3 cups of oats I already amended the recipe with. It ended up being a respectable 4 cups oats and 1 cup flour. Maybe it was 5 cups oats... Anyway, I was looking for texture. It had to be stiff, but not too dry. If that makes any sense. And really, it still didn't look very much like granola.

Instead of placing spoonfuls on a baking sheet, I spread little clumps out into a 11x13 baking dish, then baked at 350 for about 30 minutes while I stirred it every so often.

I liked the way it turned out; little clumps of sweetened oats wrapped in a bit of cookie dough. I had envisioned an 'add your own toppings' scenario for breakfast: toss in a few nuts, chocolate chips or raisins, maybe a few seeds. Nah.... we never bothered. Just poured milk right over the cookie pieces and ate it up.

By the time we each made it to the end of our respective bowls, we were all ready to barf.

This was a very unstructured experiment with no hope of it turning into something to write about, hence no pictures. (I mean, who really wants to admit they willingly fed their kids cookie dough bits for breakfast?)


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