Monday, August 23, 2010

On the Lookout for No Bake Desserts: Orange Mousse :: Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

I'm still burning up here in the south with 100 degree+ days and with the exception of a very nasty craving, the oven has remained off. So far, I find myself relegated to pudding pies and ice cream. The ice cream was creating a blob out of my body, so it's really the guys who get to indulge in Ben & Jerry's while I'm left with the pudding pies. Sometimes life is just not fair.

There's only so many pies you can truly enjoy before boredom sets in, so I find myself perusing the web looking for new recipes. They must meet 2 criteria: no-bake and corn-syrup-free.

This one sounds promising...
But alas, there is corn-syrup in it. I'm thinking about substitutions for the marshmallow creme, but as it's such and integral part of the recipe, I keep coming up blank. Any suggestions are welcome. 

Well, no - I'm really begging here. Somebody PLEASE help me find something else sweet before I turn into a chocolate parfait!



  1. Hey Jess. I was thinking you'd need to make your own marshmallows. I did a quick search online and found this link subbing maples syrup for the corn syrup. Might make an interesting flavor with the orange in the other recipe! I've also read of subbing brown sugar and water in place of the corn syrup. It would be an experiment.

  2. Checked it out... and I'm thinking this could work! You may have opened the door to so many desserts that have been off limits, like fudge... *drool*