Sunday, July 4, 2010

Quick and Easy Shortbread Pie Crust

Every one loves a quick and easy pudding pie, right? Just grab your favorite pudding, mix it up, pour it into a Keebler pie crust, and chill for an hour or so. Nothing could be easier. But those lovely, prepared crusts have corn syrup in them. In one poof, so many of our favorite desserts went up in smoke. Well, we managed without them. Later on someone requested a banana pudding. Mmmm, good old southern banana pudding - it had been so long since I'd made one. But those delicious little Nilla wafers had corn syrup in them as well. This was getting to be too much. So many of our favorite desserts - and these were the ones I'd manage to cut some of the sugar out of and everyone still loved - were now off limits.

While standing in the grocery store aisle fuming at the box of Nilla wafers, I decided there had to be a way. I'd tried making banana pudding with chocolate chip cookies minus the chocolate chips, but that had been too sweet. They didn't bake up into nice little wafers either. There had to be a cookie that I could bake from scratch in order to salvage one of our favorite desserts.

I went home and pulled out my Better Homes and Garden cookbook and skimmed over all the cookie recipes. There on the last page were the ingredients for Shortbread. It was a proverbial light-bulb moment. The ingredients were so similar to a regular pie crust that I thought  it just might work. And after all, Keebler made shortbread pie crusts as well as graham cracker crusts, so it should taste fine. A little vanilla pudding, a few sliced bananas, and top it off with some whipped cream - wallah! Banana Pudding Pie. The possibilities loomed before me... we could have our pudding pies again, Chocolate Pudding Pie, Orange Sherbet Cheesecake... oh yeah. This could really work.

1¼ c flour
¼ c sugar
½ c cold butter

Mix flour and sugar. Cut butter into ¼ in slices, and then cut into flour with a fork.

Knead well and form into a ball. 
Flatten into pie plate with the palm of your hand, and then flatten against the sides of plate with your fingertips.

Bake @ 350 degrees (325 if using an electric oven) for approximately 10 min. until the dough is no longer glossy but slightly dry looking. When cool, fill with your favorite pie filling.

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