Sunday, July 25, 2010

Corn Syrup-Free Graham Crackers

Finally! A graham cracker that is made with REAL sugar instead of corn syrup. They're the low-fat ones, which does not thrill me, but words alone cannot express my ecstatic feelings over this find. Imagine instead, a snoopy dance with squeals of delight in the cookie aisle of the grocery store in front of my poor nephew. He's almost twelve, hence - poor; I think I mortified the child.

But see - I've been looking for this for two years now. Some of our favorite recipes use graham cracker crusts and we've been deprived of those pies for sooo long. Now, you do not want to see my crew deprived of their sweets. So to avoid that scenario, I made do with the shortbread pie crust. It's just not the same as a graham cracker crust, though, nor is it as quick. There's nothing else so easy as laying the crackers in the bottom of the dish, piling on the pudding, and tossing it in the fridge.

Yeah, I know I should crush them first and mix the crumbs with butter. Call me lazy. ;-)



  1. I agree with you on the ease and deliciousness of Graham Cracker crusts! It's my favourite with cheesecake!

  2. Oooo cheesecake... yeah - that sounds like it'd hit the spot this weekend!