Monday, June 7, 2010

Whole Wheat Pie

We're supposed to be eating healthy and whole grains are just the thing, even if you're adding a cup of sugar to it, right? I've done my fair share of promoting the benefits of whole grains to my guys. It has taken me 10 of my married 18 years to accomplish the feat, but my man will eat a whole wheat sandwich willingly. He'll even insist that the kids do the same. (Man – am I good or what?) However, there is a limit; some things just don't need to be made with whole wheat flour. Muffins – yes. Breads – yes. Cookies – sure, but pies are a definite NO. Yep, I did that.
It was just your basic piecrust with apple filling and it was divine the first time I made it. For the second attempt, I quit thinking. For some odd reason that I can't remember, I used whole wheat flour for the crust. I never gave the decision a second's hesitation either. My guys ate it. There was a couple of comments about how the first pie was better, what'd you do different, etc... I asked my husband about it  later - he couldn't remember a whole wheat pie. Maybe I've done my job a little too well?



  1. lol, well done :D

    I'm not much of an expert as I don't have the 'touch' for pastry (mine is always a little rick-like) but I always found wholewheat pastry good for savoury pies. It also makes very tasty and filling dumplings.

  2. Mmmm, dumplings... yes, that could work out well. Thanks Abigail!