Thursday, May 27, 2010

What’s Your Poison?

Three years ago, a dear woman told me that I could eat sweets. I looked at her as if she'd lost her mind. After 16 years of living with my guys and their need for cakes, cookies, and pies, I knew better. I couldn't just go off on a whim and eat all these delectable things. I'd put on the pounds already and hit a size 18. Sheesh, I had been a petite little 7 when I got married. Two kids later and I was a 12. The remaining increase in size had only thing to blame. Desserts. She assured me that, yes, I could eat dessert. But there was a catch. (Isn't there always?)

  1. I had to limit how much dessert I ate. (Yeah, that one was a real surprise – ha!)
  2. And only eat it when I really wanted it.
  3. And never, ever, eat anything past 6 pm.
  4. But the most important thing was – I had to be choosy about what dessert I ate. (Huh?)
She firmly believed that some women put on weight when they ate ice cream but not when they ate cake. Others gained weight with chocolate but not with cookies. For yet other women, the culprit was cookies, but not the chocolate. She told me to experiment. For one week, I was to satisfy my cravings with one kind of sweet. If my jeans felt tight at any time during the week, then I'd know that that particular treat was off limits for me. Of course, I couldn't go off on tangent and eat cake every day after lunch. That would be like suicide. Rather, I'd have one piece of cake on Monday, then another piece on Wednesday; spread out over the week, see?

I began to watch how my body reacted to certain sweets and she was right! One bag of M&M's would hardly cause me to blow up overnight. It was even better when I realized that I didn't even want the whole bag at one sitting. Then it would stretch out over the course of the week. I found out that cakey-type desserts and ice cream are my nemeses. I can have them, but only in very small amounts. (I love those Ben & Jerry singles!)
Grand Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift BasketMy poison is a handful of Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips every day and never once gain an inch. Every day, I said!! I feel like I am getting away with the best coup d'état ever devised. I am in control of my sweets. And I can coexist peacefully with my guys and their mounds of cakes and cookies! Guess what? I'm back into a 12!

So why don't you give it shot? Find out what your poison is!



  1. In my house I am lucky if I get to lick the pan after my guys. I have learned to avoid fancy coffees/lattes but alas my scale does not budge but my clothes are looser.

  2. Hey Jessica!
    I started the medical weight loss program a month ago and have lost about 16 pounds. Even though I'm on an appetite suppressant/metabolism booster that isn't completely responsible for my weight loss. I never ate enough then gorged on sugary treats when my sugar hit rock bottom. Now that I eat every two hours or so and keep my body fueled I find I can eat dessert type things and not gain weight OR crave desserts. Like you I have found a bag of peanut M&M's will last me two to three days, a couple satisfy me just fine. I haven't indulged in cake, etc. but I think it would probably be the same. Keeping my body fueled at all times with fruit, protein, and complex carbs seems to keep me from overindulging in junk foods. I feel so liberated :)
    PS. I've added your blog to my website!

  3. Congrats Rachel on the weight loss! You are so right - keeping our body fueled up on the good stuff makes self-control so much easier.

    Honoredtreasures - I know what you mean about the coffees/lattes. They taste much better than the regular coffee I make at home, but after a couple of them I begin to blow right out of my clothes!