Friday, April 23, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake?

"Mmmm, I've got a taste for strawberry shortcake." were the first words out of my husband's mouth as we entered the grocery store.

I began to tick off the ingredients in my head. Cake: flour, butter, eggs – need to get butter. Strawberry glaze: fresh strawberries with a little bit of sugar – hmm, need strawberries. Cool whip topping: I stopped dead in the aisle. "We can't do it. Cool whip has corn syrup in it."

We have always loved cool whip on our pudding pies, chocolate cakes, banana puddings, – heck, we'd just throw it on fruit and call it dessert, but one of its first ingredients was corn syrup, so we had learned to do without. However, there was no way a person could have strawberry shortcake without cool whip topping.

He just looked at me with a sparkling gleam in his eye and grinned. "We'll find a way."

He and I both set off through the aisles on a mission – and headed the same way: straight to the dairy case. I could make cool whip from scratch; just whip up some heavy cream to a froth in the mixer, right? Yeah... I could do that. We didn't speak as we approached the dairy case. He grabbed up the whipped cream in an aerosol can while I grabbed a carton of heavy whipping cream. Neither one had any corn syrup. The heavy cream had no sugar so I'd have to add a bit. The whipping cream only had a gram of sugar, and it was from real sugar.

However, my choice required a good bit more effort while his choice only required a little squirting fun. That choice was easy: squirting fun wins out over effort any day! The plan was on – strawberry shortcake it would be.


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